Google Earth 4(beta) Released

A New version of Google Earth 4(beta) has been Released , The features include improved icon management by creating a new icon palette, added line and polygon drawing tools , added the ability to print search results and placemarks, made it easier to select icons that are overlapping, and much more. The Ability for GE Free users to draw Polygons(buildings) and Paths, New Placemark Icons, Better Lighting for 3D Models, And The ability for overlays to be set at different altitudes.

    1. Here is the download link


      Adsense Promotion Tools

      Hint For Adsense Beginners:
      There Are Two Ways Of Generating Adsense Income
      –>Running many blogs and generating less income

      –>Running single Blog And generating more income

      Many think running multiple blogs can generate more income but the truth is multiple blogging consumes time requires more work leaving to incompletion of blogs. Though it may increase adsense revenue at the beginning when u are not able to update your blog it will not work any more . My advice to beginners of adsense is first to make a complete; excellent; content rich;
      single blog So Decide yourself whether
      –> To make 100 blogs that will generate $1 each per day
      –> To make 1 blog that will generate $100 per day

      Here I have included some excellent promotion tools which i believe will increase your revenue potential Some of them are sharewares
      Don’t hesitate to try the product and maximize its full potential in its demo days itself
      Another Advice don’t ever be lazy to promote your website Only by promotion your site hits increase and it is mainly and content the traffic which acts as the core in adsense sites
      I have selected useful tools from various sites and compiled it here U could see the description for each tool at their respective sites

      Keywords meta tag generator
      Weblink(link exchange maintenance and protection)
      Meta tag promoter(improves meta tags)
      Site statistics(traffic analysis)
      Free weblink submitter(search engine submitter)
      Webplacement Verifier(checks search engine ranking)
      Search Engine Optimization
      Web seo free edition RECOMMENDED
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      Ppc keywords generator
      Best keyword promotion(keyword optimization)

      Choose right keywords
      Increase keyword density
      Use high paying keywords
      Target your content on a single topic
      Never click on your own ads
      Submit your site to search engines
      Use metatags
      Link exchanges can be used
      Write content everyday
      Submit to directories
      Don’t use popups as visitors will hesitate it
      Use rss feeds
      Use correct ad positioning and colours
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      Analyse your traffic
      Don’t trick your visitors to click on your ads
      this is nothing but you are making adsense to ban your own account
      Make a comment on other sites with your links(useful comment not just links)
      Increase the appearance of your blog or site to attract visitors
      ( can use the template resources below if u wish)

      Some Useful Tools
      Google AdSense Sandbox Tool
      This is a handy little utility if you would like to see what sort of Google AdSense ads based on content or keywords
      Enter a domain name, and Googspy shows you where the domain ranks in Google
      Keyword density analyser
      Enter the url and analyse
      Keyword digger RECOMMENDED
      Make a visit and see the information yourself
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      Do u check adsense for every five minutes…this must be the right place think so, hmmm…
      Adwords bidding tool
      Quite useful tool hmm.. check out
      Overture bidding tool
      Want good keywords and some suggestions
      CSV Adstats
      Creates adsense detailed report (cpm etc)
      Keywords enhancer
      Find the best keywords
      Gather data from a list of domains
      Adsense Charts
      Shows detailed graphs
      Suggestion tool
      Shows how frequently a keyword is used

      Stock photos
      Free collection of millions of photos for your blog
      Open photo
      Free collection


      5 ways to building a better blog

      Although the blogosphere is a new space on the web, it is starting to become a crowded. Millions of bloggers are writing on a daily basis and many of them are writing on similar topics. Because of the sheer number of blogs fighting for the same eyeballs, it is becoming harder to become popular, so the question is how do you make your blog stand out from the rest?


      Most blogs have 1 major thing in common, they are content centric. Content is going to get new visitors to your blog and keep your old readers reading. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing blog posts.

      1. Write quality content that readers can benefit from. If people cannot get something out of your content, what’s the point of them reading your blog?
      2. Write on a consistent basis. There is nothing wrong with blogging on a daily, weekly or even on a monthly basis, but whatever your blogging schedule is, try to keep it consistent.
      3. Participate in conversations, it allows you to give your input on the latest happenings. This is also a great way to gain readers from other blogs.
      4. Keep your content short and to the point. Om Malik once said that it is better to write something in 500 words than 1000 words. Readers are also less likely to read a 1000 word post compared to a 500 word post.


      Steve Krug wrote a book called Don’t Make Me Think and that’s exactly what you should be aiming for when visitors comes to your blog. If they are looking to read your content they should be able to find it and read it with ease. If they want to subscribe to your blog, they should be able to find your RSS feed with ease. Whatever it might be, you want to make it as easy for your readers as possible.

      Here are a couple things to keep in mind.

      • Your website’s content should be easy to read as well as easy to navigate.
      • Make it easy for people to find your content by using categories and by having a search feature on your blog.
      • Make your RSS subscription button easy to access for anyone looking to read your content from a RSS reader.
      • Limit the options and features on your blog. Why have tons of features when 90 percent of your visitors only use a handful of them.
      • Try to avoid technical jargon when possible and when you cannot try to explain the jargon in as few words as possible.


      You can have the best blog in the world, but it does not matter if people cannot find it. Use search engines, blog search engines and the social mediums to bring visitors into your blog.

      Search engines – Make sure your blog is optimized for search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN…), that way you have a good chance of getting traffic from them. There are many online documents that give step by step instructions on how you can optimize your blog.

      Blog search engines – ping the blog search engines through services like Ping-o-matic and Pingoat. That way when you post a new entry people can find it through blog search engines such as Technorati and IceRocket.

      Social mediums – Get your content out on sites like digg or If can manage to get on the digg homepage or on popular you will get thousands of new visitors coming to your website within minutes.


      Try to differentiate yourself from your competition. Standing out is not always a bad thing, if your blog stands out from the crowd it will draw more attention and potentially make it more popular. You might be able to do this through tools, videos or even through your content; whatever it may be just try to stand out from everyone else in a good and unique way.


      The most important thing that a blogger can do is listen to his/her readers. It is not all about you, it is all about the reader. You can have a great blog, but if you ignore your readers sooner or later they will ignore you and even stop reading your blog. So don’t leave your readers stranded, make sure you listen and respond to them. You don’t always have to do what they want, but you have to listen.


      Square Of Number (Fastest Approach)

      Number containing 5 at the end:

      Getting square of a number ending in 5 is simple.If the last digit contain 5, the last 2 digit of square will be 25 ,whatever the earlier part of number multiply it with one more than itself.

      For example: 352=(3*4)|25

      Number containing 1 and 6 at the end:

      First observe the following:


      Above shows that to get n2 ,we add upto first n odd number. for example :

      162=sum of first 16 odd number

      There from above we conclude that:

      262=252+26th odd number i,e 625+51=676

      312=900+31st odd number i,e 900+61=961

      Number containing 4 and 9 at the end:

      Let’s take example:

      292=302– 30th odd number

      342=352– 35th odd number

      Number containing 7 at the end:

      272=262+27 odd nomber= 252+26th odd number+27th odd number

      The sum of the 26th odd number and 27th odd number is same as 4 times 26. Hence,

      272=252+4*26 =625+104 =729

      772=5625+304(4 times 76) = 5929

      Number containing 3 at the end:

      532= 552-4 times 76 = 3025-216=2809

      932=9025- 376=8649